BABA Drops and Closes at $111.96

During the last session 69M of Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA)’s shares were traded. The stock closed at $111.96 per share indicating that it lost -$10.04 or -8.23% during that day which brings the Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s valuation to $361.53B.

The 52-week high for the Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s shares is $274.29. That puts it -59.18% from that peak with a 52-week low of $108.70, while the S&P 500’s share price change was of 22.93%.

The company currently has a 18.57 P/E ratio and a price target of $213.23.

What does the trading volume tell us about the BABA stock?

During the last trading session, Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) has seen growth in its daily volume. The daily volume was of 69M, while in the last 10 days the average was 29.91M and last three months – 23M.

Shrinking short interest

The Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s shares are seeing a decreasing short interest compared to the previous month. As of today, there are 46.27M shares being shorted which translates into 2.59 of a short ratio for BABA, while in the previous month the shorted shares were 73.19M.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA)’s financials

With a market cap of 361.53B, Alibaba Group Holding Limited holds a total cash of $459.2B that translates into $170.38 per share, while the total debt is of $183.16B.

The company has seen an increase in the revenue with a year-over-year quarterly revenue growth percentage of 29.40%. The current revenue is of $814.91B that is $301.09 per share.

This is a great sign for a bright future.